SafeQuip revolutionising fire safety in South Africa

SafeQuip is aiming to be at the forefront of South Africa’s lithium fire extinguisher revolution to help overhaul fire safety in the country.

Lithium batteries have massively increased in use across the world, in recent years – but the number of lithium battery fire incidents has also risen. One survey found that 85% of organisations using lithium batteries had no risk assessment in place for their use.

Pierre Malherbe, Managing Director of SafeQuip, said: “With no fire class structure in place globally for lithium batteries. The risk that lithium batteries pose due to thermal runaway is being discussed and documented in order to mitigate these fires. With more knowledge being shared and standards and protocols being developed, it is important to verify and test a product’s ability to combat, suppress, and prevent re-ignition of lithium battery fires.”

One of the most significant issues facing lithium extinguishers is that of reignition. While independent testing has found many products are capable of suppressing and extinguishing lithium fires, they’re not always effective in preventing re-ignition – which can occur, minutes, hours, or even days after the incident.

SafeQuip has been working in partnership with AVD Lithex, including advocating for amendments to the SANS 1910 standard. In November 2022, the revised standard was published, enabling the use of water-based extinguishing agents.

The company has been working towards certification for more than nine months, and once it is achieved it will offer the only SANS 1910-approved fire extinguisher with lithium fire extinguishing capabilities in South Africa.

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