Say hello to contactless Access Control

Pioneers in digitised access control solutions, ATG Digital has launched an astounding “COVID Assist” service comprising contactless visitor sign-in and employee screening.

Ariel Flax, Head of Sales of ATG Digital: “Tracking and tracing protocols have placed added pressure on businesses that were trying to increase security but alleviate bottlenecks at access control points before the pandemic.

“The [COVID-Assist] service streamlines the visitor management process, reducing registration time to seconds while screening guests and capturing health declarations.”

One such company that has adopted ATG Digital is Imperial Tanker Services, integrated market access control and logistics solutions provider to Africa and Europe. The customer cites ATG Digital’s system as an “all-round access control and business intelligence solution.”

In a published case study, ATG digital reports that their system has helped Imperial Tanker Services achieve the following goals:

  • A streamlined visitor sign-in process that is POPI and GDPR compliant
  • Receipt of instant alerts on expired driver PDP and vehicle licenses.
  • Comprehensive COVID Pre-screening questionnaire and declaration procedure for tracking and tracing
    • Receipt of automated notifications for denial of entry before arrival and at the gate.
  • Accurate visitor records instantly uploaded to the cloud. The data is not saved on the local device and thus invulnerable to prying eyes.
  • A real-time view of which vehicles are on-site and their dwell time, among more tracking and monitoring analytics.

Ariel: “Companies will always benefit from increased efficiency at access control points, and keeping an accurate record of who was on-site and for how long.

“Now, businesses don’t have to pay for two separate, incompatible systems or additional resources to meet their pre-screening and track-and-trace needs either. Such functionality is an absolute business must.”

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