Seclore becomes Tech First Gulf’s first partner to grow Africa’s cybersecurity market

Seclore, the platform leader in data-centric security, has announced that it has signed a strategic partnership with Tech First Gulf (TFG), an IT infrastructure and Cybersecurity Value Add Distributor, to deliver digital asset protection for Africa’s largest businesses.

The move comes against a backdrop of steadily rising cases of cyber threats and attacks that, according to a report by Deloitte, have affected over 40 percent of organisations in Africa – further complicating its growth prospects and costing the market an estimated US$4bn a year.

Jimmi James, president – Asia and the Middle East, Seclore commented: “In recent years, Africa has become both an eager adopter of all things digital. With these advancements, the need for innovative cybersecurity solutions isn’t far behind. Our data-centric security solution meets this need and is a long-awaited milestone for us to build a local presence in Africa, the world’s next big growth market.”

Seclore and TFG will provide a complete data security solution by protecting sensitive data wherever it goes – any device, any cloud, anyone, and anywhere – to tackle critical use cases such as data theft, data privacy and compliance, and secure external collaboration. This partnership SECLORE+TFG was also showcased at the just conclude global GITEX Technology Week 2022.

Sudhanshu Saroha, chief executive officer, Tech First Gulf, commented: “Our commitment is to bring our expertise and add the local touch to democratise and deliver the best-of-breed data security solutions to enterprises in the African continent.

“Seclore’s proven product expertise across industries and TFG’s experience in the African market set us up well to deliver accelerated business impact for our customers and partners.”

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