Security experts issue warning ahead of expected Easter crime wave in South Africa

Security experts are warning South African residents and businesses to be wary as an Easter crime wave is expected.

According to Auto & General Insurance, the Easter weekend is one of the busiest ‘crime holidays’ of the year, with break-ins historically increasing over this period.

Ricardo Coetzee, Head of Auto & General Insurance, said: “One’s biggest enemy is the notion that ‘it cannot happen to me’. The fact is that it can if you let your guard down.

“Our data has shown that, in 2019, break-in claims during Easter increased by 96% compared to any other normal weekend. In 2020, during hard lockdown, Easter claims were down by 7%, but 2021 again saw a massive increase of 89%. This confirms that the Easter period is prime time for criminals to cash in.”

Coetzee explained that many of these crimes are carefully planned, but criminals will also strike at any opportunity, so it’s imperative for South Africans to be aware of trends, take proactive steps to protect themselves as best they can and be prepared to react in a split second.

The warning from Auto & General Insurance also comes as a separate report by Fidelity ADT highlighted worrying new invasion trends seen in a recent spree of crimes. Crimes committed using staff to gain access to premises, either by manipulation or force, has been an emerging trend. Alongside this is a trend for home invasions during the day and business robberies, which have particularly been seen in Gauteng between 6pm and 9pm.

The two groups said it’s crucial for home and business owners to have a layered approach to security and not rely on just a single security measure.

Both Fidelity ADT and Auto & General have urged South Africans to consider enhancing their security options and to look at upgrading or investing in more secure options; ideally ahead of the expected crime wave.

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