Seychelles: State of Emergency Lifted – full details

Seychelles has re-opened its doors to visitors and transit, following a terrible explosion which left the region in a state of emergency last week.

The explosion, compounded with tragic flooding conditions, led to over 170 casualties, however, no deaths were reported as linked to the treacherous conditions.

Mobilising rescue teams from around the region, the President of Seychelles – Wavel Ramkalawan set a state of emergency, instructing individuals to stay indoors and for only non-essential workers to engage on the roads.

Following extensive operations carried out by rescue teams, the region has now been stabilized with people being moved away from unsafe areas, and soon to return to their homes.

The Seychelles foreign office has posted updates regarding the state of emergency:

“Travellers are advised to exercise caution on roads due to the effects of heavy rainfall.

“Flights to and from the country continue to operate and visitors arriving or departing can travel to and from the airport.

“Swimming in the sea in the northeast of the island of Mahe is currently not advised due to an overflow of the sewage system caused by heavy rains.

“You should follow advice from the local authorities as the situation progresses.”

Though the state of Emergency has been lifted, it is clear there is still some work to be done to return Seychelles to form. 

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