SFN Fire Sprinkler International 2024

Fire Sprinkler International 2024 stands out as the highlight of the sprinkler calendar, marking the largest conference in Europe exclusively dedicated to water-based fire protection.

These conferences offer a unique chance to showcase your organization to a targeted audience of over 300 fire professionals worldwide.

The upcoming FSI 2024 in Dublin promises to be exceptional. Following years of travel restrictions, commercial constraints, and limited networking opportunities due to the pandemic, the international sprinkler industry eagerly anticipates gathering in London to celebrate new possibilities.

Attendees will have the chance to forge new professional relationships, reconnect with old acquaintances, and explore fresh business opportunities, fostering growth and resilience for the future.

Previous editions of the conference in Munich (2016) and Stockholm (2018) drew over 300 delegates from across the globe. The event includes a supporting exhibition and a social gathering scheduled for May.

Hosted by the European Fire Sprinkler Network in partnership with VSI of The Netherlands, this conference promises a comprehensive program exploring various themes:

  • Protection of cultural heritage
  • Integration of sprinklers with the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Innovations addressing new fire protection challenges
  • Fire engineering solutions incorporating sprinklers
  • Advancements in sprinkler, water mist, and foam system technologies
  • Updates on sprinkler and water mist standards

Participants can anticipate an enriching experience, with insightful discussions and networking opportunities at Fire Sprinkler International 2024.

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