Solar Power Africa held talks about the future of energy and industry growth

The energy industry’s shift from natural resources to technology created discussions at the Solar Power Africa event about what we can expect to see evolve, especially regarding renewable energy.

Zhao Tianqi, Vice President of Huawei South Africa Digital Power said: “We could achieve carbon neutrality in South Africa even faster than our estimation. So maybe South Africa can be a champion in this field.”

However, to achieve this, the correct technology is vital.

He noted that suppliers and installers will need to have long-term ambition and pay attention to customer safety above all else.

As the systems involve electrical equipment, Tianqi maintained that improper maintenance could lead to fires, electrical hazards and environmental impacts.

He said: “Safety really matters. It’s a matter of family, property, money and life.”

De Wet Englebrecht, firefighter and CEO of Fire Ops SA included his views on solar PV installations and how safety is of the utmost importance.

He explained: “As firefighters, we’ve certainly seen an increase in residential fires in South Africa. We are dispatched to between two and four on a daily basis. On average, every sixth one of those is solar-related.”

Ensuring that systems are fitted, tested and maintained to the highest of standards is noted to be the most important aspect of solar energy governance.

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