State of the art connected fire alarm system upgrade at Cape Town business park

C-TEC’s CAST fire alarm system has been installed at a multi-functional business park in Cape Town, South Africa, including an addressable fire alarm panel, heat and smoke detectors, call points and visual alarm devices.

Owned by Inospace, a rapidly-expanding operator of serviced business parks, the Textile Exchange is a 2-hectare park located just minutes from Cape Town’s International Airport. Featuring a fully-kitted business hub, warehouse storage areas, high specification meeting rooms and restaurants, the park is home to fast-growing businesses and manned 24/7 by security guards.

Brigit Group, one of South Africa’s leading fire protection companies, was charged with equipping the site with its life safety systems. Divan Lerm, the company’s Detection and Special Risk Manager, said: “Site security is of paramount importance at such a large high-value site and our client insisted on the highest quality fire equipment. Hence our specification of C-TEC’s CAST system.”

Comprising a 2-loop XFP addressable fire alarm panel connecting to over 100 CAST devices including heat and smoke detectors, call points and sounder visual alarm devices, the system is designed to provide high levels of fire protection at the site. Several input output units have been utilised to interface the system to third-party equipment such as sprinkler valves, flow and mains switches.

Beam detectors are also in operation to protect the ceiling spaces in the extensive warehouse storage areas and a repeater panel is in operation in the on-site Park Manager’s office to display data and provide an alert in the event of an emergency.

Programming the devices was said to be particularly easy as CAST’s soft-addressing capacity means all fire devices can be programmed at the panel. Divan added: “From an engineer’s point of view, CAST’s soft-addressing feature is superb. The fact that we were able to programme all the devices via panel rather than having to walk around the site locating devices to physically program them made system set up fast and easy. From start to finish, this was a very smooth installation and our client is delighted with the end result.

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