Study reveals most effective security measures

Cisco’s latest cybersecurity report, Security Outcomes Study Volume 2, has revealed the security practices that really work.

According to the study, the practices that can most impact on an organisation’s security programme are: maintaining an up-to-date and integrated architecture; investing in threat detection; and enabling timely threat responses and recovery.

Encouragingly, the report also revealed that boosting your security practices correctly could see your firm become one of the better secured. It says that those in the bottom 20% of security programmes could move up to the top 20% if they recognise and invest in well-integrated security technology and accurate threat detection.

There has never been a better time to invest in proactive security technology. Cisco’s study found that on average 39% of security technologies used by global companies are already considered to be outdated. The study also revealed:

  • Firms using cloud-based architecture are more than twice as likely to refresh security practices, compared to those using on-premise tech.
  • Companies with integrated technologies are seven times more likely to achieve high levels of process automation.
  • Using integrated tech also lead to 40% stronger threat detection capabilities.

Fady Younes, Cybersecurity Director at Cisco Middle East and Africa, said: “We recognise that today’s compliance requirements, skills shortages, a hybrid workforce and a threat-filled landscape are all making security increasingly complex. The global and local data behind Cisco’s Security Outcome Study means that identifying the most effective security practices is no longer guesswork.”

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