Supervised Actuator for Hazardous Locations

TLX Technologies has designed several kinds of supervised latching solenoid actuators for the fire suppression system, one of the most recent ones being the supervised actuator for hazardous locations. While this actuator activates similarly to their other actuators, this solenoid has been designed with special considerations for differing operating system pressures, agents, and potential dangers that may accompany a hazardous location.

This actuator’s internal components can be matched specifically to the operating system pressure to ensure the actuator will meet the correct force over stroke requirements for their specific system. This allows the actuator to open the valve quickly and without damage.

Many hazardous location systems use a combination of electric and pneumatic solenoid valves, creating several potential leak points since the discharge pressure is routed through the system past multiple connection points. Since this hazardous location actuator features a top-mounting linear design, it does not act as a pressure vessel on the discharge valve. As a result, the only potential leak point in the system is inside the top of the discharge valve at the discharge valve pin.

In addition, the hazardous location actuator’s components act as an enclosure in difficult conditions through their specific design features and material grade selection. This Class 1, Group A actuator does not use brass, bronze, or copper in any of its exterior components and features tight control of bore and rod diameters (fire pin, manual override, and switch pin).

It also meets all UL 1203 standards, ensuring the greatest resistance to highly corrosive environments and providing proper flame path features. To meet several global hazardous location certifications, the hazardous location actuator has been designed to achieve the following rating labels (testing is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2020): UL & cUL: Class I Division 1 Groups A, B, C, and D; UL, cUL, IECEx ; and ATEX: Class I Zone 1 AEx db IIC T_, II 2 G Ex db IIC T_Gb, Ex db .IIC T_Gb (Temperature rating will be confirmed once UL testing is completed).

For over 19 years, TLX Technologies has been pioneering fire suppression solutions and designing new solenoids, valves, and actuators for the fire protection industry. 

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