Suprema have released their latest version of its BioStar 2 platform

Suprema have released their latest version of its BioStar 2 platform (v2.8). The Suprema BioStar 2 is a web-based, open and integrated security platform that provides comprehensive functionality for access control and time and attendance, and now importantly includes further enhanced cybersecurity features

In addition to existing encryption of personal data used for authentication such as passwords, fingerprint templates and face templates, BioStar 2 now goes further to encrypt every bit of data that may potentially link to any specific individual. This will become a default feature rather than an optional update.

Young S. Moon, CEO of Suprema Inc, introduced this new update, “We place absolute top priority to strengthen security measures and reinforce our security framework. Along with the current update of BioStar 2, we will continue to make our solutions secure to make sure our customers’ personal data is protected.”

Is your access control and T&A; at risk?

Access control and time attendance systems house data that, if leaked, can expose individuals to very real security risks in a world where this exact data is being used to secure access to sensitive information and systems. Suprema’s holistic approach to cybersecurity threats mitigates the exposure of data in BioStar 2 to offer comprehensive protection against leaks or malicious attacks.

Irreversible biometric template protection

Fingerprint and facial images registered for authentication are protected on BioStar 2 through a process where images are reorganised into binary templates using an advanced analysis algorithm, rendering this data impossible to reverse into a real fingerprint and therefore safeguarding it against security threats if exposed to leakage.

Personal data protection

All information is viewed as important if it is possible to use it to pinpoint a specific person. Therefore, all such data is encrypted using AES 256, AES 128, DES/3DES (depending on its location) for safe storage on the server, device, or card.

Communication protection against malware and data breaches

All communication is protected using encryption and certificates. Server to client communication is protected by HTTPS which can use a trusted CA signed certificate. AES 256 encryption is used between the server and device, and further enhanced through the use of TLS 1.2, while serial communication through RS-485 is encrypted using AES 128.

Physical protection of sensitive data on edge devices

Suprema edge devices all employ a security tamper feature which protects stored data from physical threats. If any unauthorised attacker removes the device from the wall, all data and configurations stored are deleted immediately.

Providing proof of compliance

From the moment a person logs into the BioStar 2 platform, all activities are recorded as logs which can serve as proof in the event of any misdoings.

Authentication for data access

The BioStar 2 platform allows you to assign specific rights to users to access personal information to support privacy protection and organisational operation requirements.


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