Tangem unveils hardware wallet to boost digital asset security

Tangem, a finance company specialising in crypto wallets, has unveiled a digital hardware powered to ensure security and convenience during digital transactions in Nigeria.

In a statement by Osas Asephon, made available to VANGUARD, he stated that the Tangem cold wallet was created to help individuals integrate digital assets into their everyday lives.

The statement reads: “Tangem created this card to empower organizations and individuals of every kind to integrate digital assets into their everyday lives and make transactions as easy as they can be.

“From concept design to launch, Tangem cold wallet provides security and convenience to store more than 1000 digital assets in one place. The wallet’s design makes it easy to carry about and it fits into a standard wallet.

“Today, the most pressing concern of people who have digital assets is the safety of their digital assets. In 2021, over $14 billion got lost to scammers, as the popularity of digital assets continues to grow, the priority of many digital asset holders is to keep their assets as far away from threats as possible and Tangem cards provide a solution for that.

“|Based on Tangem’s proven proficiency in blockchain technology, the launch of cold wallets is a sustainable business extension here in Nigeria, Africa. For all those who have brilliant ideas involving marketing and reselling Tangem products, Tangem Africa offers a great deal to distributors who want to market the products across Africa.”

One feature of the card that stood out was its impenetrable chip, Asehon stated: “The EAL6+ chip is certified top-level security that is used in passports and credit cards making this product very durable and highly secured. He said the card could last its owner for up to 25 years.”

While speaking at the AFMC 1.0, Asehon further explained how the card was made of titanium and can survive under any circumstances; providing extra strength and security.

He stated that the Tangem cards are available in major online stores in Nigeria and on the company’s website. Tangem also gave out three of these cards to three winners at the African Financial Market Conference.

Asehon added: “With the highest level of protection for digital assets in their wallet, Tangem card holders enjoy quick setup times of under a minute. With the use of a single wallet, Tangem solutions provide multi-support for an increasing number of thousands of tokens.

“The Tangem card can be ordered and delivered anywhere across Africa, the company currently offers a 30% discount on all card orders. This is to enable every Nigerian to afford the card and reduce the risk of losing their digital assets.’

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