TDSi Offers Installers, Partners and Customers Free Authorised Training Sessions

TDSi is offering a programme of free authorised training sessions internationally to meet demand from installers, partners and customers around the world. The company has already completed training sessions in France and South East Asia with further dates to be announced.

Kevan Fry, Senior Export Technical Support Engineer at TDSi commented, “Part of the feedback we regularly receive from our partners and customers were requests for further direct training from our technical support team. TDSi’s systems are designed to offer straightforward installation and integration with other new and existing systems, but the pace of development is such that training is highly beneficial.”

As well as specific technical detail on TDSi products, the training programme has a wider appeal, as Kevan continued, “We look at the ways in which modern integrated solutions work, offering attendees an insight into the latest technology trends and opportunities or benefits they may not have considered before.”

TDSi engineers are also on hand to assist with the commissioning of specific projects or queries, as Kevan added,

“Sometimes our customers require additional help when they are working on a specific project. For example, when a particularly complex solution is being commissioned our engineers can be on hand to offer support when it is most needed, ensuring the process goes as smoothly as possible.”

TDSi ran its first authorised training sessions in France in November and has further dates planned in December, with additional sessions being planned for next year. TDSi’s training is fully CPD (Continuing Professional Development) accredited.

Kevan concluded, “Having the most up to date skill set and most relevant training brings a raft of benefits to all concerned – including reduced installation time and improved project design. Knowing how to best use our integrated security systems means they can be efficiently installed and used to their full potential – a real value-add in a highly competitive market.”

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