Tek Experts and Cytek unveil advanced security operations centre in Nigeria and West Africa

Cytek, the sister company of Tek Experts established its first Security Operations Center in Lagos, Africa, providing 24/7 protection to governmental bodies and businesses operating across Nigeria and the West African region.

The solution provides around-the-clock protection from cyberattacks in the region, ensuring advanced cybersecurity services for global businesses across industries.

The SOC is equipped with Microsoft’s AI-powered Sentinel platform, enabling comprehensive security capabilities such as incident response and threat detection.

This innovative centre is Cytek’s first in Africa and builds upon its international network of Managed Security Service Centers, offering constant cybersecurity coverage to clients around the world.

Regarding the unveiling, Olugbolahan Olusanya, Country Director for Tek Experts Nigeria said: “The establishment of our SOC represents a major milestone, reinforcing our commitment to bolstering the Nigerian and West African technology sectors.

“As part of Tek Expert’s dedication to investing in and advancing the Nigerian technology industry, we are pleased to expand our services to include cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions and services, ensuring that their data and operations remain protected against ever-evolving cyber threats.”

Anat Garty, Chief Cybersecurity Architect at Cytek added: “We’re thrilled to establish this crucial cybersecurity hub in Nigeria, extending our reach across West Africa.

“Our team of cybersecurity experts remains at the forefront of threat intelligence, constantly evolving our strategies to shield our clients from emerging threats. The SOC empowers businesses across diverse industries – especially those handling sensitive data and relying heavily on technology, like financial institutions, healthcare organizations, retailers, and telecoms – with a proactive approach to cybersecurity. It enables them to operate securely and confidently in today’s digital landscape.”

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