Teledyne FLIR launches thermal zoom drone payload

Available from next month, Teledyne FLIR has introduced the radiometric VUE TZ20-R thermal-zoom drone payload. The equipment enables DJI V2 Matrice 200 series and 300 pilots to see and measure thermal details.

It features two FLIR Boson thermal cameras that deliver four times more pixels on target with every zoom level, in comparison to its leading competitors. It also offers unrivalled 20X zoom capability.

The VUE TZ20-R allows those emergency response pilots involved in search and rescue, public safety, fire fighting and law enforcement to search and observe in silence. The thermal zoom reduces false positives and helps pilots to make critical decisions faster.

It delivers greater situational awareness and accuracy thanks to more pixels on target with corresponding data on temperature. One of the two thermal cameras provides a narrow-field-of-view of 18 degrees, while the other offers a 95 degrees wide-field-of-view.

In-app features include the ability to detect temperatures of interest. Video and still-image data are recorded on dual microSD cards.

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