Tenable teams with IBM Security

Tenable has expanded its strategic relationship with IBM Security X-Force Red so that companies can identify and disrupt attack opportunities before bad actors can leverage them.

Comprehensive Active Directory security services work to continuously detect and prevent attacks against the Active Directory and connected environment in real time.

If the Active Directory is left vulnerable, attackers have a route to privilege and control of the entire domain of the target-rich environment. Active Directory security can be tricky, due to misconfigurations piling up as domains increase in complexity. This leads to security teams unable to find and fix flaws in a timely fashion, which can then cause business-impacting issues.

With the strengthened partnership, the X-Force Red team will leverage Tenable.ad to provide deployment, configuration, support and tool management to identify Active Directory vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. The team prioritise the highest-risk flaws based on weaponization, managing the complete process from end-to-end.

Mark Thurmond, Chief Operating Officer, Tenable, said: “Vulnerable and misconfigured Active Directories are behind nearly every major cyberattack today. By leveraging known flaws and misconfigurations, bad actors can elevate privileges and move laterally through networks. We’re excited to partner with X-Force Red to find and fix Active Directory weaknesses before they become tomorrow’s attack path.”

Charles Henderson, Global Managing Partner and Head of X-Force, said: “If you don’t understand your Active Directory attack surface, the risk of a compromise increases. And it’s not just an initial compromise. Attackers can leverage Active Directory to access other sensitive areas of your environment. That’s why continuously finding and fixing Active Directory vulnerabilities must be an essential part of every security program.”

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