The 21st Edition – Digital Transformation Summit

The world’s economies have experienced a profound impact because of technologies such as cloud computing, AI, machine learning, and predictive analytics. Digitization has been recognized as a fundamental pillar that will underpin the future digital economies on the continent of Africa.

As a means of giving companies the expertise, leadership ability, vision and determined mindset to appropriately digitize ahead of 2030, The 21st Edition of the Digital Transformation Summit is a remarkable event that provides an optimal platform for expanding knowledge and understanding of Technology Augmentation for a Digitally advanced South Africa.

The event is scheduled to take place on the 20th of July at the Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg. This Summit will bring together 150+ C-Level Executives, Directors, and Heads of Technology to discuss innovative technology solutions that will fully exploit the potential of Web 3.0, AI, metaverse, blockchain, cryptocurrency, ICT, IoT, cyber security and other 4IR technologies which will become a beacon of hope in South Africa’s social and developmental challenges.

The summit’s main objective is to attain a comprehensive understanding of how organizations currently implement digital transformation and the country’s efforts to enhance the collaboration between humans and machines, thereby fostering a stronger synergy.

The summit will feature discussions on topics like:-

  • Unlocking the value of digital transformation in South Africa’s Economy.
  • What’s in store for Web 3.0 & the future of the Internet.
  • Infusing AI to put South Africa to the forefront of digital transformation.
  • Climbing the ICT ladder: Shaping digitization.
  • Harnessing development in AI for positive Human Progression.
  • The 4th Industrial Revolution: Enhancing the Human-Machine Relationship.
  • Enabling Digital Transformation with Cyber Security
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