The Advancement of Africa’s cyber sectors

The future of Africa is being defined not by people in boardrooms, but by the progression of technology.

This week, we took a look at the recently opened Huawei data centres and the importance they had in shaping the future of Africa.

A problem native to the cybersecurity industry is the fact that jobs within require individuals of notably high skill to ensure that they perform security-related tasks appropriately. The solution, is upskilling, which can be done through a variety of means, one of these is the aforementioned data centres, which stand as so important to the future of the region, they garnered an official opening from President Ramaphosa.

Cyber and skilling initiatives stand as extra important, given the goal of the Africa Agenda 2063, which encompasses a broad seven-pillar approach to the reformation and improvement of the continent.

One of these pillars is a transformed empowered economy, which promises to bring Africa not just onto the same economic level as the rest of the world, but to elevate it as a tourist destination and a place where cybercrime is no longer a concern. Currently, Africa is losing $4 billion a year to cybercrime. 

With the country of South Africa moving at such a high speed about the growth of its industry, education and finance around particular initiatives must mirror this, supporting individuals as they progress through their youth and guiding them into the appropriate life paths.

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