The African Climate Action Summit

The African Climate Action Summit takes place next week in Kenya and will look at the variety of African states which are at particular risk from climate change and climate events.

Africa has a number of ‘fragile states’, from Sudan to Somalia. These states in particular see a large variety of catastrophic weather events, including floods, droughts, storms and other climate-related disasters. These fragile states see such climate events three times more than neighbouring states.

The population of these states is consistently combatting the fallout of these climate events, such as being moved from one area to another, losing their homes to wildfires, or having to watch nature burn due to fire started by thunderstorms. Domestic businesses and food security also suffer as a result.

By 2040, fragile states could face 61 days a year of temperatures above 35 degrees Celsius on average—four times more than other countries. They could very well become the first states in the world to be completely unliveable due to climate change.

The African Climate Action Summit will feature African Leaders from around the continent coming together to invest in initiatives that will combat the climate damage in the area. The event is set to take place between the 4th and 6th of September.

Find out more about the African Climate Action Summit through the official website.

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