The Current Problems facing Africa

There are a number of problems currently facing Africa, with a number of initiatives being rolled out as a means to solve these issues.

As listed, these problems are:

Climate Change

Hunger and Malnutrition 


Ongoing Peacekeeping Operations

Climate change in Africa is causing an increase in Wildfires, allowing the rapid spread of diseases and worsening the state of food security and nutrition for the general public within Africa.

A 2021 report, entitled “Africa, Regional Overview of Food Security and Nutrition,” published by the African Union Commission, calls for the continents countries to revolutionize their current food industry to combat the rising difficulties of climate change, alongside the covid-19 pandemic.

The heat, density of cities within the continent and poor health conditions as a result of the famine conditions, mean that the Covid-19 Pandemic, Multiple Ebola outbreaks and continued peacekeeping operations are being solved at an incredibly slow rate, with the combatting of these issues being particularly difficult.

All of these issues are promised to be resolved through the continents initiative, established in January 2015 at the Heads of State and Governments of the African Union – the Agenda 2063.

Through the overhauling of multiple reliances of the economy, and a number of new initiatives that are to make a difference to the infrastructure of businesses and industries around Africa, the continent will become a tourist haven, innovators in the realm of food security, healthcare, industry and more, all through the use of clever spending and educated citizens.

Through the careful execution of Agenda 2063, Africa can combat the various problems it faces.

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