The Security Middle East Conference: keynote speakers

We’re delighted to be launching the Security Middle East Conference – the sector’s newest and boldest event with the aim of advancing the security landscape.

As the market-leading and longest-standing resource for the Middle East’s security sector we are well placed to launch this event, which will be bringing together leading lights, thought leaders and influencers across the region to discuss and debate where the sector is heading. This highly interactive conference will unite security leaders of Saudi Arabia and the wider Middle East together under one roof. We’ll be exploring the future of the security landscape, opening up dialogue surrounding some of the biggest challenges of our generation, and looking at how security systems can be implemented amongst the projects and developments working towards Saudi Vision 2030.

Our audience will be made up of influential and high-level attendees who will be joining us from across the Middle East. We will have representatives attending from a number of leading organisations, including:

■ Public Investment Fund (PIF)

■ Neom

■ Saudi Air Navigation Services (SANS)

■ Saudi Aramco

■ Saudi National Bank

■ Royal Commission for Al Ula


Abdulrahman Alfadhel

Former Saudi Aramco Riyadh Refinery Manager

Abdulrahman Alfadhel served within Saudi Aramco for 40 years, during which he worked in all departments of the refineries, including operations, maintenance, engineering and planning. Over the course of his career Mr Alfadhel spent 33 years working within the Riyadh refinery – one of Aramco’s most complex refineries. He also spent seven years in the Saudi Aramco Ras Tanura Refinery, which is the largest refinery in the Kingdom. For his keynote speech Mr Alfadhel will be sharing his fascinating insights into the challenges faced at the Riyadh Aramco refinery. He’ll be focusing on the collaboration between the refineries and the security services during the maintenance shut-down period– which lasts for several months and can cost tens of millions of dollars. With decades of experience in this exciting industry, our audience will gain a deeper understanding of how refineries and security teams can work successfully together.

Tannya Jajal

Network and Security Development Manager, VMWare

Writer, public speaker and technologist, Tannya Jajal has a passion for exploring the intersection of technology, society and philosophy and is fascinated by the potential of AI to transform the way we live, work and interact with each other.

“The Security Middle East Conference will be one of its kind in the region, providing an opportunity for all stakeholders in the eld of security to have nuanced, futuristic and productive discussions about the benefits, threats, and functions of cybersecurity within the region,” she said. “I am honoured and excited to be able to contribute to this important and prevalent conversation that is absolutely vital during the current era of rapid technological change.”

Ms Jajal will be using her keynote speech to talk about Deepfakes and the future of trust: challenges and solutions for a modern problem. As deepfake technology continues to evolve, the risks posed by fake audio and video content are becoming more significant. In this keynote, we will explore the challenges and potential solutions for addressing the threat of deepfakes in the digital age. We will discuss the role of technology in detecting and preventing deepfakes, and explore the potential for using blockchain or other technologies to verify the authenticity of audio and video content. By discussing the challenges and potential solutions for deepfakes, this keynote provides valuable insights for security leaders in Saudi Arabia and the wider Middle East. Attendees will leave with a deeper understanding of the risks posed by deepfakes, as well as practical advice for detecting and preventing the spread of fake audio and video content.

Tawfeeq Alsadoon

Executive Director, Red Sea Global

Mr Alsadoon will be delivering his keynote speech on Secure Journeys: building tourism security in KSA. As Executive Director at Red Sea Global, Mr Alsadoon is helping to create exciting opportunities for young Saudi talent with ambitious developments across multiple sectors. Red Sea Global is a multi-project developer who is seeking to lead the world towards a more sustainable future. It is also playing a key role in transforming Saudi Arabia as part of the Saudi Vision 2030 ambition to diversify its economy. Previously Mr Alsadoon held the role of Director at Saudi Chemical Company, and was also Director General for Economic Cities and Special Zones Authority, where he led the security and safety teams. Mr Alsadoon will be presenting to our audience on the topic of tourism security, sharing his experience and knowledge on the topic to help attendees better understand how vital this area of security is.

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