Togo and South Africa discuss security cooperation

Two African nations have discussed a potential security partnership to fight against the threat of terrorism.

Togo and South Africa are considering several cooperations in areas of security whilst the aftermath of terrorism from forces such as the Burkina Faso take hold.

The Togolese Defense Minister Gnakade E. Marguerite held recent talks in Lome with Robina P. Marks, the South African ambassador to the West African country.

The two officials discuss a host of topics including security, with Marks presenting the South African arm trade fair to be held next month and the possibility for the rainbow nation to provide training to the Togolese military.

The two state figures also discuss a future deal, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between two defence ministries of both countries. News Alome reported that Gnakade indicated that the MoU will provide an opportunity for the two countries to bolster their cooperation.

Togo is currently battling against insecurity in the Savanna region at the border with Burkina Faso. Several attacks have been carried out by terrorists since November last year.

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