Toyota South Africa calls in older models for security updates due to new-tech theft rises

Toyota South Africa Motors has recalled older models for security updates as criminals and theft become increasingly sophisticated.

Criminals have been known to target high-end vehicles and those with keyless or smart-entry systems and emergency start capabilities. As a result, Toyota South Africa are upgrading susceptible vehicles to mitigate the possible theft of Toyota and Lexus-branded vehicles in the country.

The vehicles affected are Hilux Legend models from 2019; all Fortuner models from 2016; Land Cruiser Prado (VX and VXL models from 2017); all Land Cruiser 200 with smart entry, Land Cruiser 300 models; and all Lexus RX and LX models from 2015.

The new methods of theft include CAN attacks, fob relaying and a combination of forced entry and key cloning.

A CAN attack happens when a vehicle’s control area network is infiltrated using electronic equipment to gain entry and to access the computer system to start the engine.

Fob relaying is achieved using high-tech receivers and transmitters to remotely read a vehicle’s security key while in the possession of the owner, thereby allowing the attacker to unlock and start the vehicle.

The third, a combination of forced entry and key cloning, is executed using advanced techniques and equipment to disable the vehicle’s alarm system, and to then clone its security key.

Leon Theron, TSAM sales and marketing senior VP, said: “We, as Toyota, are committed to developing safe and reliable vehicles and we will continue with our research and development to further enhance our vehicle security systems.

“I would also like to add that vehicle owners will not negate the warranty on their vehicles should they elect to fit an aftermarket security device – provided that these are installed correctly by a reputable fitment centre.”


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