Tyco expands Riser Manifold family

Tyco has added two new base models to its Tyco Riser manifold line of products.

The first is a commercial version with TC-2 Test and Drain Vale, the second is a residential version with either the TC-2 or a ball drain valve.

It means there is now a choice between a pre-assembled, pre-tested and ready-to-install RM-2 Riser Manifold or a scaled-down, cost-effective RM-2 Base.

The new additions to the line up offer a number of features to enhance performance. The TD-2 Test and Drain Valve offers a linear shut-off to provide leak prevention. The unique sealing design reduces the risk of leaks, as well as utilises a globe-style shut-off valve.

In addition, the visible pressure reading makes setting simple, with an adjustment range of 100-310 psi. It also has integral pressure relief and self-cleaning sight glass.

Flexibility has been built into the design. The coupling assembly enables components to be rotated to fit an installation. The Tyco unit can be installed either vertically or horizontally.

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