UAE Company secures Zimbabwe land the size of the UK

Blue Carbon – a company only a year old, with impressive projects but nothing stand out yet in its portfolio, has secured land in Zimbabwe, equivalent to the size of the United Kingdom, across five African nations.

Under a new agreement with Zimbabwe’s environment minister, Blue Carbon will vigilantly protect and conserve forests in the five nations above, protecting the planet from carbon dioxide, or CO2, entering the atmosphere.

Source: Pexels

The deal will then allow companies to ‘cash in’ carbon credits to “offset” the climate pollution they generate, a part of the acquisition deal which is gaining scepticism from the world stage.

The flurry of conservation deals was announced ahead of the COP28 climate summit, which was hosted in December 2023.

Blue Carbon is no regular company, with the backing of an Emirati royal, whose family ruled Dubai for 190 years in the past.

Speaking to CNN Africa, Blue Carbon would not confirm the area size of all its projects, stating the agreement is in the initial stages and not yet finalized.

The company went on to express they would share climate project plans at the COP28 summit in Dubai.

The future of the climate will demand unique, innovative deals between companies and countries, and clear efforts to improve oxygen quality and build the ozone layer, sooner rather than later.

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