UK Foreign Secretary Insights: Africa and Britain

In a recent interview with the Financial Times, James Cleverly, the UK Foreign Secretary, discussed Africa’s relationship with Britain – regarding security, as well as the region’s position on the world stage.

New opportunities and requests to work with Africa are being constantly explored stated the Foreign Secretary. He said the British Force’s professionalism and respect for international law was something which was viewed as a very good thing, something which was able to be ‘exported’ to other continents.

Interviewed on the eve of a fourth-day trip to Ghana, Nigeria and Zambia, Cleverly acknowledged that attractive offers were made to Africa from Russia and China. Cleverly labelled these offers as “superficially attractive offers”.

Africa remains an important region for the British Forces, with the region being where the largest number of British Military Deployments take place, with forces undertaking consistent and constant training and operations, including in Ghana and Kenya.

Africa remains the largest recipient of the UK Foreign Office’s region-specific spending, however, year on year, the amount has fallen almost 19% – standing at £1.1 billion in 2022, according to official statistics released by government sources.


Source: Google

One of Cleverly’s many goals with his trip this week across Africa is to build “mutually beneficial, commercial relationships,” at a time when the region seems to be attracting commercial interest from the globe – speaking of its economic rise.

Britain’s security relationship with Africa will continue to grow, whilst Africa votes with its feet regarding its ties to other countries and its participation in such summits.

See the full interview.

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