UL releases new training

UL’s Fire Safety Research Institute has made available its online training course Fire Services Considerations with Lithium-Ion Battery ESS.

The online course centres around a deflagration incident at a lithium-ion battery energy storage system facility. Through the course, the Institute is able to share analysis and recommendations to improve standards and emergency response training. Students will also get the results of follow-up experiments that were conducted to further knowledge on energy storage system failures, as well as receive tactical considerations to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

Steve Kerber, Vice President of Research and Director of the Institute, said: “Firefighter line of duty injuries and near-miss incidents provide a unique opportunity to interact with and collect information from the scene and the personnel involved. This can make the difference in putting all the pieces together and gaining insights that may otherwise not be possible.

“Our goal is to make sure the firefighter experiences are taken into account, providing valuable context to the findings so that they can be channelled into actionable insights for other fire service personnel to prevent future close calls and potential facilities.”

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