US Navy designation

Aerolite One, the advanced single seat life raft (SSLR) from global Survival Technology solutions provider Survitec, has received official US Navy designation LRU-38/P for use on F/A-18 Super Hornet and T-45 Goshawk aircraft.

Specifically developed to meet the evolving needs of fast jet pilots, Aerolite One’s compact and lightweight design creates additional space for critical mission-specific survival aids in the pilot’s personal survival pack (PSP).

During a comprehensive testing programme, physical and laboratory trials verified Aerolite One’s resistance to thermal shock, explosive decompression, acceleration, vibration, high and low pressures and temperatures, saltwater corrosion, accelerated ageing and performance in heavy seas. This development is expected to lead to a wider take up of Aerolite One as a significantly improved replacement for existing single seat life rafts in fast jets, rotary wing aircraft and many other applications.

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