Using Sonic Fire Extinguishers

Sonic devices refer to technology which utilises sound waves to complete a specific goal. Futuristic in nature, sonic devices are beginning to make their mark on the firefighting technology industry.

Firefighters enter a fire scenario, wielding a sonic fire extinguisher at their hips. This device is then pointed at the fire, emitting a type of sound wave that causes a similar effect to separating air from fuel. Focused vibrations, which split and disrupt the combustion process, causing the fire to be safely extinguished.

Due to the methodology of sonic fire extinguishers, less sensitive and personal equipment is at risk, compared to traditional firefighting methods, which can lead to devices such as computers being destroyed by water or foam.

Therefore, establishments and offices that have particularly sensitive information, or devices that hold data which can be lost, benefit from the usage of Sonic Fire Fighting.

It is important to note, Sonic Fire Fighting is still an expensive and experimental form of firefighting, initially construed by two engineering students in America. Though the technology holds, great promise, able to be utilized by firefighting teams, robots and drones alike.

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