VAST Data unveils new data platform architecture for the AI factory

VAST Data unveiled a new AI cloud architecture designed to deliver enhanced performance, quality of service, zero-trust security and efficiency for the AI factory. 

Building on NVIDIA BlueField-3 data processing unit (DPU) technology, VAST Data’s parallel system architecture makes it possible to disaggregate the entirety of VAST’s operating system natively into AI computing machinery, transforming supercomputers into AI data engines.

The NVIDIA BlueField networking platform combines robust compute power and integrated hardware accelerators to create secure and software-defined accelerated computing infrastructure for AI.

Jeff Denworth, co-founder at VAST Data said: “We’re extremely proud to partner with NVIDIA to help industrialize AI computing.

“This new architecture is the perfect showcase to express the parallelism of the VAST Data Platform. With NVIDIA BlueField-3 DPUs, we can now realize the full potential of our vision for disaggregated data centers that we’ve been working toward since the company was founded.”

Rob Davis, Vice President of Storage Technology at NVIDIA added: “With VAST’s operating system, next-generation accelerated computing solutions are paired with next-generation accelerated network infrastructure, enabling enterprises and service providers to benefit from simpler, more secure experiences with high-performance systems.“VAST’s revolutionary architecture is a game-changer for CoreWeave, enabling us to fully disaggregate our data centers. We’re seamlessly integrating VAST’s advanced software directly into our GPU clusters,” said Peter Salanki, vice president of Engineering at CoreWeave. “Leveraging NVIDIA BlueField DPUs, we’ve been at the forefront of creating sophisticated, software-defined data center abstractions. Now, by natively incorporating storage and database services onto BlueField, we’re not just streamlining our infrastructure but we are also elevating the user experience for our customers by removing bottlenecks in the AI data computing pipeline. CoreWeave is not just keeping pace with the future of cloud data management – we are defining it.”

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