Video-Surveillance and Access Control: Successfully Secures Boucheries Nivernaises in Paris

Type of site:

Retail, Butchers


Paris, France

Number of users/doors:

  • 50 doors across 5 locations

Solution required:

  • A networked solution working across five locations
  • Secure premises and equipment
  • Ensure staff safety


  • Integration with CCTV and a video management system
  • Simply retrieve any stored video
  • Monitor the five sites from one central location

Paxton products used:

  • Net2 plus
  • Net2 Pro software


  • Video Management System: CRYSTAL by NUUO
  • CCTV: 360° fisheye cameras by Axis


The Boucheries Nivernaises is a chain of butchers located across Paris. Founded in the 1950s by Jean Bissonnet, the group now has five sites, including the prestigious shop on the Faubourg Saint Honoré. The company deliver across France and even supply meat to the French President, François Hollande.


The growth and expansion of Nivernaises has meant an increased need for security at all of the butcher’s premises. The main security concerns they faced were theft and damage to equipment, but more importantly they wanted to protect their employees and guarantee a comfortable and safe working environment.


Bernard Bissonnet, Managing Director of the group says: “We have grown significantly, have many more qualified staff and rigorous procedures, but must continue to provide quality products, delivered on time. This is what our customers expect and what our reputation is based on.”


The possibility of a breach in security led Nivernaises to contact EFDI Installers, a subsidiary of the Quallience group. Having reviewed the requirements and specification, EFDI, in collaboration with ADI global distribution, suggested an integrated security system.



The integrated solution included Paxton’s Net2 access control, Axis 360° fisheye cameras and CRYSTAL a centralised Video Management System (VMS) from NUOO Inc.


Net2 is a user-friendly, flexible networked access control system, designed to make the management of any site straightforward. Easy to use and feature rich, it moves beyond the basics of controlling the flow of people in a building, offering benefits such as building control and system integration.


Net2 plus is Paxton’s most advanced door control unit, employing the use of PoE technology to plug straight into an existing network with no need for additional wiring making installation quick.


The use of CRYSTAL, (an open, distributed, centralised VMS from NUOO Inc) ensured central management of the system on a single platform. CRYSTAL collects the video, metadata and alarm activity whilst ensuring instant reaction and playback in order to interpret and act quickly.


The NUOO-Paxton integration allows the video management system to receive the user’s credentials every time they present their Net2 access token. This information is then displayed as an overlay on the video captured from the 360° fisheye cameras, and stored in the database. This enables the Nivernaises security manager to retrieve any video simply by entering a date or a user number into the system.



Installing Net2 has meant that Nivernaises can centralise the administration and control all of their five sites from one central PC. With some of the butchers located in the busy city centre, the integration of Net2 with a VMS has meant that those overseeing security within the business can now monitor the street in case of any disturbances or potential threats to security, particularly when the store is closed.


Antoine Guy, Regional Sales Manager of NUUO says: “Security is often over-looked or seen as an additional cost to a company. It is worth remembering the positive impact it has to the sustainability, quality and growth of a company. It is an investment with a very clear return.”

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