Vimal Fire Control’s 10500 gallons per minute

The first of its kind in the world, Vimal Fire Control’s humungous new foam monitor has the capacity to discharge approximately 10500 USGPM gallons per minute at 7 bar pressure – perfect for dealing with fires that are spreading quickly, or maintaining control over a large area.

The foam monitor has a high capacity as a result of its sophisticated nozzle, which ensures maximum hydraulic efficiency and conversion by activating only after the induction of foam concentrate into the water stream.

With climate upheaval across fragile states in Africa, and large grassfires taking place all across Africa. There is a greater need for water solutions which can combat fires spreading through dry landscapes, in large areas and in multiple directions.

Despite its size, Vimal Fire Controls focused on accessibility for the large unit – with it being able to be used through manual, wired remote and wireless control methods. Handwheels can control and steer the intense water flow with little resistance, even at high pressure.

Electrical operation is also available to be used, with wireless control operational up to 150 meters from the receiver.

With heatwaves and intense fires emerging across Africa, Shootfire by Vimal Fire Controls utilize industry-defining solutions, when they are desperately needed.

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