Why defense ministries of countries should pay attention to Ukrainian military-tech companies

The annual conference of IAPTC (International Association of Peacekeeping Training Centers) will be held in Kenya on November 6-10. For the first time, the Ukrainian military-tech manufacturer of tactical simulators, Skiftech, has been invited to the conference. Military training using tactical simulators based on laser technology played a pivotal role in strengthening combat unit capabilities and defending Ukraine during a full-scale invasion in 2022 and ongoing war.

Laser technologies for tactical training

Tactical training represents the most dynamic facet of military affairs, subject to change with the advent of new technological solutions and the enhancement of existing ones. It is through tactical training that a soldier can hone the ability to make swift and well-informed decisions under extreme conditions. The study of tactical scenarios, the simulation of situations closely mirroring combat operations, and the development of team coordination all contribute to survival on the battlefield. Furthermore, such training equips commanders with the skills needed to act effectively in high-stress situations and make sound decisions.

Laser technology enables training sessions that closely replicate actual combat situations, whether using blank cartridges or not. The primary advantage of this technology is its capability to provide real-time data on the sequence of actions carried out by servicemen, including their location, the number of shots fired, the number of hits, and the quantity and percentage of “survivors” within the team.

African military forces have had the opportunity to undergo training with such simulators. Today, the Ukrainian manufacturer Skiftech presents cost-effective and life-saving training solutions for the global military market, which have undergone testing by real-life combatants and have received approval from the Ukrainian Army. We should note that the military-tech industry in Ukraine is advancing at an impressive pace, with market growth rates ranging from three to seven times, even in the face of full-scale war conditions.

It is crucial for both military and law enforcement to ensure that training closely mirrors the conditions of actual operations. Tactical simulators are designed to replicate the combat characteristics of weapons, including the range of engagement, rate of fire, the number of cartridges in the magazine, and other essential parameters. This is precisely what sets laser emitter-based simulators apart from technologies like VR.

Training on tactical simulators based on laser technology allows the military to avoid one-sided training for servicemen. Two-sided training is highly effective in preparing for real battles against genuine adversaries, and laser technology facilitates tactical training through dry-fire systems.

Military technological innovations have assisted Ukraine in countering Russia’s military aggression, despite the latter’s advantage in terms of human resources, equipment and ammunition. Today, the country once known for its agricultural potential is actively developing new types of drones, robotic demining systems, software products to enhance the wartime capabilities of its armed forces and other military technology. In order to strengthen its defensive ability, the ministries of other countries should pay attention to Ukrainian military-tech manufacturer and solutions they offer.


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