XVR Simulation and LearnPro eFireService merge

Two organisations have merged to create one global leader in the field of virtual reality and e-learning solutions aimed at the health, fire, police and other emergency services.

The combined software suite of XVR Simulation and LearnPro eFireService will provide a platform for e-learning management, competency reporting and training as well as an immersive VR simulation training platform.

“Merging XVR Simulation and LearnPro eFireService is an exciting opportunity that brings together expertise in training both front line staff and incident response/managers,” commented Joost Beerthuis, CEO of XVR Simulation and the man tasked with leading the new group.

“XVR Simulation is the market leader in virtual reality training for emergency services and combining with LearnPro eFireService’s expertise in learning management and competency training and reporting will make us a global leader in virtual reality training and e-learning for the health and emergency services,” he added.

The newly combined business has a presence in over 50 countries with more than 450 fire, police and health customers. Every year over 300,000 emergency service and health workers in public sector institutions make use of the pair’s products.

Neil Colling, MD and founder of LearnPro eFireService, said: “We are excited about the shared heritage and focus on fire and rescue customers, with the combined business having unique ability to deliver training, competence management, and e-learning capabilities from incident commanders through to the station and front line staff.”

The merger will combine XVR’s market-leading virtual reality training for the emergency services, with LearnPro eFireService’s knowledge of learning management and competency training. It will also provide a strong platform for the group to launch new products such as XVR Expo and WorkforcePro.

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