Zenith debuts world’s first AI EagleEye Intelligent Patrol

At this year’s Intersec exhibition, Zenith unveiled its next-gen AI platform. Launching its 3rd Generation Intelligent Lightbar device, Zenith continues to lead the market and disrupt its own technologies with reiterations of further technology firsts in its AI EagleEye Intelligent Patrol Policing release.

Embedded within the cavity of the Policing Lightbar is a fully functional AI Drone that is poised to take flight autonomously or when manually controlled by its law enforcement’s personnel, whilst on city patrols.

The top of the lightbar’s cavity slides away to expose the skies allowing the AI-empowered drone to rise and take immediate flight. The AI Drone effectively unleashes an Eye in the Sky communicating a 360-degree Birdseye view back to HQ.

It also features 360 degrees Situational Awareness, Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), Make Model Color (MMC), Face Recognition (FR), LIDAR Speed enforcement, Automated Traffic Infringements including real-time detection of fastened seatbelt and mobile phones usage whilst driving.

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