APPO and AEC sign MoU to boost Africa’s oil and gas sector

The African Energy Chamber and African Petroleum Producers Organisation signed a memorandum of understanding to promote technology-focused investments and opportunities across the oil and gas industry.

The MoU agreement with the APPO in Brazzaville will lead to the two parties working together to enhance Africa’s energy security and allow African organisations to develop their capabilities.

Both organisations recognised Africa’s demand for energy and aim to increase private sector companies’ abilities to generate the investments and technologies needed to work on larger oil and gas and energy projects in the area.

The agreement will enable the AEC to collaborate with APPO to promote local and African content development, intra-African energy trade and partnership opportunities across the oil and gas industry.

Speaking about the partnership, NJ Ayuk, Executive Chairman of the AEC said: “The Chamber is honoured to partner with APPO – an African-led organisation that serves as a vital platform for cooperation, harmonisation and collaboration – to advance Africa’s oil and gas and energy industry. We are committed to driving new deals, projects and partnerships that position local content and energy security as the highest priorities, as well as ensuring that African policymakers, explorers, service providers and financial institutions lead the dialogue at Africa Energy Week 2024 (AEW 2024) and beyond.”

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