Teledyne launches high-performance gas detection with easy deployment

Teledyne Gas & Flame Detection released its new solution which provides businesses with peace of mind.

Launching the iTrans 2 technology, Teledyne created a detection system that alerts when sensing explosive and toxic gas, or oxygen.

It accepts infrared, catalytic bead or electrochemical sensors for easy installation and integration as well as smart sensor capabilities that support an intelligent electronics platform.

With microprocessor-controlled transmitters that are capable of plug-and-play, stand-alone operation or multi-point system configuration, the solution can activate alarms, horns or fans, or shut down a system without returning wiring to a central control panel.

iTrans 2 offers cable-saving and time-saving installation and allows for full utilisation of the gas detector’s features and options and use with all iTrans 2 sensors.

The device will facilitate an option for remote communication across the 4-20mA signal for diagnostics, commissioning and calibration and a magnetic wand for full transmitter configuration and calibration without opening the explosion-proof housing.

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