Cape Town scales up security plan ahead of the Easter weekend

Cape Town has announced plans to scale up its security plan ahead of the fast-approaching Easter weekend. South African security experts have already warned that the holiday weekend could see an increase in crime.

Official comment from The City confirms that additional safety plans are being put in place to ensure security and safety is the main focus. These include a host of City departments assigning resources to designated priority areas, including on the roads and at events, public amenities and other spaces that attract high visitor numbers over this period.

The City said: “The Easter Weekend is traditionally a very busy time in Cape Town, second only to the festive season. That is why many of the elements of the very wide-ranging festive season plan are replicated to ensure public safety. These measures will also be in place for the long weekends on the calendar after Easter.”

Law enforcement has also confirmed they will collaborate with the South African Police Service, the Central Improvement Districts and Neighbourhood Watches to ensure the safety of all communities.

Alderman JP Smith, The City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Safety and Security, said that enforcement agencies would also be keeping an eye on public amenities and we will also be patrolling crime hotspots: “One of our key priorities over Easter is road safety. Historically, this period is associated with an increase in motor vehicle accidents and related fatalities. Our appeal to motorists staying within City limits over the period is to refrain from drinking and driving.

“The City will be hosting a two-day operation Exodus later this week for long-distance transport operators, but the message to all road users is to obey the law at all times, particularly sticking to the speed limit.”

Councillor Patricia Van der Ross, Mayoral Committee Member for Community Services and Health, has also urged the public to abide by the national Covid-19 protocol. She said: “Masks are no longer required outdoors, but it is important to keep your distance and to sanitise regularly. And, if you haven’t yet received a vaccination or your booster dose, please make it a priority before getting together with your loved ones this Easter holiday.”

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