More than 100 families affected after woman caused deadly fire in CBD

The latest building fire in the CBD has affected more than 100 families after a woman threw paraffin at the structure during a spat with her partner.

The Johannesburg Mayor Kabelo Gwamanda, confirmed that the fire on Commissioner Street was allegedly set on fire by a woman during a domestic dispute with her spouse, killing two and injuring at least four others.

Gwamanda said: “We understand, based on what had transpired, that we have a total number of 109 households that were affected as a result of this fire.”

Now, the 30-year-old woman will appear in the Johannesburg magistrate’s court for murder after witnesses saw her throwing paraffin at the two-story building which was later confirmed by Gwamanda.

He said: “It is alleged that it was a result of a domestic dispute. I’m not sure if it got to a point where she felt she needed to set the whole place on fire.”

This comes just six months after a deadly fire killed 77 in the area.

According to the Johannesburg Emergency Management Services, the city is now attempting to house the 200 people who were displaced by the fire.

City spokesperson Nthatisi Modingoane said: “We are meeting to establish who is in the country legally as we are under no obligation to accommodate [people].”

Once the verification process has been undertaken, those who are in the city legally will be housed.

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