Working on Fire launched project to teach fire safety awareness after devastating blaze

Working on Fire has launched an empowering project to equip communities with fire safety skills after a devastating fire in Simon’s Town, Cape Town.

After a December blaze took almost a week to extinguish, after a fire broke out on mountain slopes, threatening the lives of those who live and visit, WoF prepared tactics to keep everyone safe.

Limakatso Khalianyane a WoF spokesperson said the organisation wants to empower members of the community and allow them to know how to prevent another disaster.

WoF’s tips to civilians include:

  • Reporting veld fires immediately.
  • Getting rid of hot ash and coal from heating and cooking in a safe place where no plant materials or debris can catch alight.
  • Covering an open fire with sand to smother it.
  • Work in an open and clear area when working with power tools.
  • Ensure there are no illegal electrical connections connected or near your home and make sure electrical appliances are correctly wired. Illegal and faulty connections can get hot and burn.
  • Keep the area around your home clear of flammable materials such as firewood and kindling.
  • Speak up immediately when someone is carelessly playing with fire.
  • Avoid burning rubbish on hot windy days, as a fire can spread easily and ensure you have a burning permit.
  • Keep cigarette butts in your vehicle, as opposed to flicking them out your window.
  • Never leave open fires unattended.
  • Know emergency numbers to report wildfires: 112 from a mobile phone and 10177 from a landline.

Khalianyane said: “The WoF Newlands Team, visited the Red Hill informal settlement on Friday to conduct a door-to-door fire awareness presentation.

“During this initiative, community members were educated on effective measures to protect themselves and their properties from runaway fires. This initial effort marks the beginning of an ongoing collaboration with community leaders to extend more extensive workshops.”

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